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IT and E-Commerce Law

Professional Informatics and E-Commerce Law Service

IT law consists of laws prepared in order to prevent all kinds of attacks that harm the personal rights of individuals in the virtual environment. In fact, it is not an independent branch of law. It is related to many branches of law such as criminal, commercial, intellectual property, protection of personal data and law of obligations.

The purpose of electronic commerce law is to regulate the principles and procedures regarding electronic commerce. This branch of law covers commercial communication, the responsibilities of service providers and intermediary service providers, the contracts made with electronic communication tools and the obligations to provide information regarding electronic commerce and the sanctions to be applied.

In this context, our office provides legal solutions on Information Technologies, consultancy services on IT law, trademark and copyrights, disputes arising from domain names, providing legal consultancy services for companies selling goods and services over the Internet, and preparing the legal infrastructure. We provide legal services in all areas related to the Law and E-Commerce Law.

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