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Criminal Law

Professional Criminal Law Service

Criminal law is the department of public law that examines the concepts of crime and punishment. It is divided into two as general and special criminal law.

The subject of general criminal law is the definition of the concept of crime with its material and moral elements, the general principles that dominate the criminal law, the definition of the concept of punishment, the principles and theories that are valid for all crimes such as the reasons that eliminate the crime, the reasons that reduce or eliminate the punishment.

The subject of private criminal law is what the acts that are considered as crimes according to the laws of the country, their scope and limits, the aspects that differ from each other, and the penalties envisaged for these crimes.

As Aybar Law Firm, we provide the service of following your individual criminal cases with great care from the investigation phase to the final decision of the Court.

In addition, we provide consultancy services in determining the risk factors that companies and their managers may be exposed to under criminal law and providing legal protection against these situations.

As AYBAR LAW FIRM, we are proud to provide you with professional service with our lawyers who are fluent in Turkish, Arabic, Russian and English languages.

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