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Foreign Investment Law

Professional Foreign Investment Law Service

There are many encouraging regulations for foreigners to invest in Turkey with foreign exchange. Investing in Turkey by foreigners both benefits the country’s economy and offers foreigners the opportunity to reap the benefits of their investments.

As Aybar Law Firm, we provide all kinds of professional support to foreigners who want to invest in Turkey in their business and transactions. Thanks to this service we provide, you will have the opportunity to carry out your transactions in Turkey in accordance with the current legislation, in confidence and in the most appropriate way for your investment.

In addition, we provide support for foreign investors to establish a company in Turkey according to the Trade Subject, and to follow up all kinds of legal processes of the established company.

As AYBAR LAW FIRM, we are proud to provide you with professional service with our lawyers who are fluent in Turkish, Arabic, Russian and English languages.

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Solutions are produced on the legal situation you live in and effective work is continued in order to achieve results.

With a successful result, we are ending the legal problem of our valuable clients.

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